For 75 years, NESCAFÉ has delighted its consumers with different offerings and evolved with time setting new coffee consumption trends. Today we celebrate our success in Egypt and commit to more perfect moments for the years to come!
Make your morning delightful with NESCAFÉ’s Sa7sa7 Application.

Alarm App: Wake up with NESCAFÉ’s Sa7sa7 Alarm, with a choice of four melodies.
Memory Game: Put your memory to the test and see how much you can remember correctly.
Whack-a-bean: Tap the beans when they appear.
Mighty Pillow: Augmented Reality game where you kick falling pillows.
Leaderboard: Gather as many Nescabeans Points as possible to receive the Early Bird status and rank.The more you use the App and play games, the more you earn Nescabeans.

*Sync your calendar with the NESCAFE to receive reminders.



5th Dimension (Advertising Agency based in Egypt)

Project Type:

Augmented Reality App/General Mobile App


Native Code, iOS, Android

This was an application which built for Nescafe and included their branding (a “white label” mobile app). This game was compatible across iOS and Android devices and included an Augmented Reality Pillow Kicking game, a memory game, a whack-a-mole type game and analog/digital alarm clock. This app can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

Campaign Objective
The main goal of the app was to market Nescafe. Nescafe wanted to be the first thing their consumer’s think of when they wake up in the morning. They wanted this done through a mobile app.

To that end, they asked us to create an Alarm Clock application. Their consumers would wake up to the Alarm Clock app, which would have Nescafe branding and a reminder to have their coffee pop up on their phone through a notification. Once awake, the user could then participate in some fun games that were packaged with the game. The purpose of the games would be to help them wake up. Of course, it would be easier to play these games with a hot cup of Nescafe Coffee!

App Mockups