Exercise Your Brain! Mind Games is a great collection of games based in part on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skills. This app includes nearly 3 dozen of Mindware’s brain training games (some of which allow you to play 3 times and require upgrading to play more). All games include your score history and graph of your progress. The games list shows a summary of your best games and today’s scores on all games. Using some principles from standardized testing, your scores are also converted to a comparison scale so that you can see where you need work and excel.

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Client: Mindware Consulting – Mind Games – Brain Training App

Project Type: Mobile App Product for a Client

– Database: MsSQL; MySQL; SQL Lite
– Middleware: PHP; CENTOS; AZURE
– Frontend: B4A; SENCHA

– #2 most popular brain training app in the world
– 4.6/5 User Rating (Paid version in Android)
– 8 million users
– #1 most popular Samsung App (Jan 2014)
– #2 most popular Amazon App (Jan 2014)
– #8 most popular Windows app in the world (2013)
– Reviewed by Leading Newspapers (e.g. LA Times)

Campaign Objective
The app is based on the concept of Neuroplasticity and helps in increasing the working efficiency of the human brain. This revolutionary app is one of the first of its kind and proven to make people more intelligent by exercising neural pathways in the brain.

The app has 29 games that focus on different parts of the brain, when the user plays a particular game then he gets the percentile score based on his performance in comparison to the other players falling under the same age group and the statistical analysis is performed based on the scores. Then the score history is shown statistically using graphs and charts.


Wow.. Just the best MIND GAME EVER. I’m speechless about this game, it has just the best workout for the mind , it just refreshens the mind. Thanks a lot to the producer and keep it up and also invent more fascinating mind games. Please download everyone, its the best mind game ever.

-Hemat Chauhan


This game so cool!! U must try to ur brain??

-Haya Rahmawati