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Enterprise mobility solutions: barely tapped but very potent

Toppling Business Empires and Elevating Avant Garde Thinkers

Businesses of all varieties are dependent on tailor-made applications via smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. There exists a huge demand for the top mobile apps phone development services. Depending on the targeted demographic, the audience for the mobile applications which can be Android Apps and/or Apple apps. Apps can generally also be aggregated into a different two categories: apps which target the end customer of the enterprise (Business-to-Consumer Apps, or “B2C”), or apps where the intended user is an employee or business partner (“B2E” and “B2B”, or Business-to-Employee and Business-to-Business Apps).

Sales of mobile devices are now approaching their saturation point. The resulting paradigm has heightened the importance of Apple apps and Android apps. These apps are continuously designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive. The best mobile apps are used as a primary means of obtaining information and requesting services – anytime, anywhere.

With increased mobility, access is no longer an issue but software security is a top concern. While many business might consider upgrading industrial PDS with old operating systems to smartphones to be a step forward, doing this blindly and without expert advice can be a dangerous mistake. The hardware upgrade must come with a software upgrade that not only enhances existing features but also security. Anyone following the news knows that its almost every day that a major business gets hacked, information gets stolen, and clients are hurt. Upgrading these “legacy systems” (old software) must be done carefully and by experienced professionals to minimize risks and maximize benefits of the process. The process, in the right hands, is not the cause of anxiety and risk, but improvement on a previously unimaginable scale.

With an eye on changing dynamics and the need to have the best mobile apps, the business model is no longer about sticky websites. Successful businesses tend to make apps natural extensions of their business goals.

NiiD Technologies is a mobile apps development company. Our engineers and business analysts are unified in a desire to provide the top mobile apps development services in the world. NiiD can provide tailor-made app development, customized to suit your ideas and dreams. Our previous success and deep technical knowledge have created a streamlined, stress-free process for developing your mobile app concepts.

Requirements for Top Mobile Apps Development

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift in business software. The change is about rethinking business applications through the prism of mobility. Nowadays, leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices can impact every decision made for a business. Having access to the best mobile apps (Apple Apps / Android Apps) has a proven effect on increasing business performance. This can be a double-edged sword as the expectations of app users have been proportionately increased. To keep up with expectations, it is logical for business enterprises to make a similar leap forward.

Mobile phone development of B2B/B2C apps could be one step out of many that can provide such a leap. Mobile phone development services can cover a wide range applications from cross-platform to native platform, depending on the targeted audience/your businesses needs. Mobile apps nowadays are not limited to just smartphones… new wearable technologies such as smartwatches and glasses are forming a new cutting-edge space in the market.

NiiD Technologies offers the best mobile apps services in mobile technology and Augmented Reality for:

  1. Mobile application development and maintenance
  2. Mobile testing services
  3. Industry-focused mobility solutions
  4. Integration with cloud services
  5. Methods of engagement
  6. Systems integration

Successful mobile phone development results in apps which are powerful tools for customer interaction. Today, the best mobile apps are increasingly being used for executing business and delivering real-time information. NiiD provides the top mobile apps development services to create value in your business ecosystem. Our expertise ranges from development and deployment to maintenance of intricate applications. It takes the right process approach to build a reliable mobile applications and we have mastered this approach of years of experience and hundreds of completed business software applications.

The best mobile phone development solutions come with a well-documented and planned approach. These approaches vary depending on whether we are providing mobile phone development solutions to big, medium, or small scale enterprises. The strategy also can vary depending on whether we are developing Apple apps or Android Apps. Whether the project involves starting from scratch or joining you in middle of an app development cycle, we are keen on providing you with the best mobile apps solution. We deliver our mobile app solutions on time, with best quality and guaranteed ROI. Our unique focus is on increasing client business lifetime value rather than just providing a one-time service.

mPower in Business through Android Apps/Apple Apps

Mobility Power (mPower) allows business to leverage mobile phone development application technology to expand their growing ecosystem to the “third wave” of mobility that has powerful potential. This can improve the experience of customers while driving profitable growth for the business. Increasing operational efficiencies into a platform enables companies across industries, by satisfying one highly targeted need at a time.

NiiD offers the best mobile apps services by developing, customizing and integrating apps to run flawlessly on mobile devices. Choosing the desired device for your app usually depends on the target audience, and usually done with a combination of iPads, iPhones, Android devices and so on.

We create versatile mobile applications for diverse categories:

  1. Augmented Reality Apps
  2. Geolocation-based Apps
  3. Identification Solutions
  4. Inventory/Logistics/Order Management
  5. Dashboard & Workflow
  6. Salesforce Automation & Customer Relationship Management Solutions
  7. Video Conferencing and Presentation Tools
  8. Invoice & Payment Management
  9. Tradeshow & Event Management
  10. Enterprise Social Networking

Mobile Phone Development Platforms and Their Benefits

One of our key strengths is offering highly secure and scalable cross-platform services. These tend to focus on developing Apple Apps and Android Apps. NiiD’s top mobile app development services across a range of mobile OS platforms. The best mobile app development services are those which are tailor-made to your requirements. NiiD’s mobile phone development services have been used by our clients to generate better brand awareness, improve efficiency of specific business processes, and bring a high degree of agility in data exchange and decision making.

NiiD Technologies, an Android/Apple apps development company, keeps its eyes and ears open for the latest events in mobile apps world. This allows us to come up with innovative approaches while building an Apple apps or Android apps. At the same time, staying updated also allows us to seamlessly and expertly adopt the use of the latest iOS or Android update in client projects. This one step out of many that we use to ensure that our apps are secure and compatible.

Native app development offers the advantage of being highly safe at cross-device and OS compatibility. Native app development is one of our core competencies. However, sometimes for simple apps, the best mobile apps solutions are within pre-existing platforms. These pre-existing platforms can allow NiiD to develop its apps more easily and with less turnaround time. Our mobile phone development core competencies (within platforms) is covered by:

  1. Phonegap (particularly with our augmented reality apps) and geolocation-based apps
  2. Appcelerator (Titanium) – Ties in well with our development team which also has expertise in Python, Javascript, and PHP
  3. RhoMobile
  4. Sencha – a preferred platform of many of our clients

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