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Introduction to NiiD


NiiD (Pronounced “Need”) Technologies is a one-stop software solution center that focuses on delivering software development that will maximize positive impact for our clients. NiiD provides a customer intimate environment by getting to know the business vision of its clients. NiiD is in it for the long haul and is not done working until your goals are achieved.

NiiD has been in the software development business for over 26 years. We have a presence in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. NiiD is proud to have serviced a variety of clients across the globe, including the Virginia Department of Transportation, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, The World Trade Organization and many others (see Past Work).

NiiD’s unique combination of core values, vision, execution, and experience result in benefits and risk reduction to our clients being maximized.

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Advantages of Working with NiiD

Simplified Business Relationships

Instead of having to go through the complexity (and added risk) of having multiple specialized relationships for each type of software solution that your business requires, all software work can be done through NiiD. The time to establish a corporate relationship can take time and effort in order to minimize risk, and each relationship that you add to your company increases risks. Working with NiiD can minimize these risks by having all your software work done under one roof.

Maximized Value to Your Organization

We maximize the benefit to the client while minimizing the costs. NiiD believes in maximizing benefit through a deep understanding of the business model of our clients, and through that understanding, providing the most valuable and useful features in our software development projects. We provide low costs of development through a number of reinforcing techniques and deep well of knowledge that we have derived through our many years of experience in the industry.

Experienced Software Development Firm

NiiD has worked with a vast majority of industries and clients. We have also created a wide variety of software solutions. Additionally, NiiD has completed hundreds of software projects. We have been in the software development industry for over 26 years.

Our Core Values

Understand Our Clients

NiiD has unique focus on increasing client business lifetime value rather than just providing a one-time service. A business-to-business relationship is rarely short-term. This leads to our desire to understand your business on a deep level. We believe that by having a holistic view of the client’s business can give us an important perspective. We use this perspective to be the one-stop solution center for software services.

NiiD knows that only by knowing and matching our client’s vision, goals, and challenges can we provide better tailor-made solutions. NiiD’s client-centric approach models itself on the client’s way of doing business.

Data-centric Work Ethic

Emotions and humans desires are misleading, but data is valuable for providing an impartial perspective. NiiD believes in a data-driven work ethic. Our employees are guided by quantitative targets to achieve our long-term vision and execute client projects. We use data to maximize efficiency and to ensure that our solutions are delivered on-time and on-budget. These quantitative targets are set through a qualitative understanding of your business.

Crystal-Clear Communication

This comes from a number of reinforcing strategies such as:

  • Maintaining a single point of contact throughout the client relationship
  • 26 years of experience in the software development business
  • Employing front-end people that have a domain knowledge of your industry.

In this way, the processes and strategies that NiiD employs provides a uniquely beneficial environment for our clients to do business.

Challenge the Status Quo

There is a trend in software development world of standardizing process. Standardized software development methodologies such as ITIL (Information Infrastructure Library), Agile, CMMI, and Waterfall have created an atmosphere of uniformity. Many software development companies have “optimized” their approach to the point of losing distinctiveness. NiiD believes in breaking free from the herd and following a common-sense approach, even if it means challenging the status quo.

How do we do it ?

Every process in NiiD is centered around supporting our core values, and we have built our business around these above values. Its impossible to mimic the way that NiiD works, because to do so a business would have to recreate itself from the ground up, and thus be behind the game.

Every project that NiiD conducts for its clients is an important investment. NiiD will always do its best to ensure the very best value addition to its clients. We analyze our client’s business thoroughly by asking many questions during the initial stages and throughout our work. The initial process entails NiiD getting know its clients by understanding their vision, goals, competitors, external market factors, and products. Based on this, NiiD can recommend which software solutions are best suited to your needs.

Our formula for providing value to our clients is that value is equal to the benefits to the client minus the costs of doing business. To maximize value therefore, we have to maximize the benefits while keeping our costs low.

NiiD maximizes benefits through understanding its clients. We also ensure that our clients do not need to go to a different service provider for each software solution. This minimizes the time that our clients have to spend searching for new suppliers and reducing business risk. It also eliminates the risks involved in finding new suppliers.

NiiD minimizes costs by leveraging its 26 years of experience. 26 years of coding has creating a large knowledge base which we can use to minimize our coding costs. We reuse our experience with working with past projects to come up with solutions to new problems. We also integrate the latest methodologies to optimize our process.

In NiiD, the same person handles a client account throughout the relationship. This means that we get to understand your business better, that our employees get more attached to your business, and that you get to know us better too. This also simplifies the relationship between our businesses, so you always know who to turn to.

From the idea development process to project delivery, NiiD remains in constant contact with the client. NiiD’s clients are secure in the knowledge that their software development solutions rest in caring hands. NiiD’s approach is not solution-centric but rather client-centric, which we believe is important for long-term relationships.

If we hire the people that understand our goals from the start then it’s easier to ensure that our core values are understood throughout NiiD. We look for the best of best, because we do not want to water ourselves down. NiiD is not interested in big growth in employee numbers but rather to stay small and maximize efficiency and client service quality. We encourage all employees to provide feedback to ensure that our strategic focus will always be on core values.

Envisioned Future

By holding on to our core ideology, we hope to transform the software development industry, which lacks much distinction among the numerous available businesses. Too many software development organizations have decided that the best course of action is to copy each other’s methodology for software development (Agile, Waterfall, CMMI, etc) and also outsource their work to lower costs. This has created best practices and maximized efficiency but has resulted in an environment where software development companies cannot be distinguished from one another except by brand name.

By creating a software development enterprise that focuses not on the products we create but on maximizing the value of them through a deep understanding of the client, we hope to change the tempo of the software development industry overall. If we fail, then software development companies will eventually fade into a homogeneous fuzzy background, where the weight of company is born by quality of the people it is composed of, instead of achieving something beneficial for the client. NiiD and its employees have a golden opportunity to take the lead in the software industry, and earn the respect and admiration of their peers.