Augmented Reality App for AstraZeneca’s TurboInhaler

Client: AstraZeneca

Project Type: Augmented Reality App

Technology: Vuforia, Unity 3D

This was a sophisticated project with 3 separate 2D markers used in a single app. In other words, three images were identified and actions were taken based on the identification of those images. This was heavily based in Augmented Reality and the app was built using native code. Some key features include:

– As the camera moves closer to the marker, the Inhaler comes apart into pieces
– Interact with the marker via buttons (seen on right in the screen shot)

The intended users were MRs in the pharmaceuticals industry and the target audience were doctors. Below you can see three screenshots from the app:

Screen 1 – Turbo Inhaler Usage

Screen 2 – Turbo Inhaler Intake

Screen 3 – Turbo Inhaler Operation