Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

To businesses across the globe, NiiD Technologies is a one-stop Mobile Apps Solution center to all their objectives. NiiD has worked with companies across almost every industry to deliver custom mobile applications solutions that match client requirements. When your business uses NiiD, you know that you are working with people that understand your company vision and work hand-in-glove with you. Unlike other software companies that complete a task and then move on, NiiD keeps working with you until your business objectives are met and your vision is achieved.

Data Science As A Service.

NiiD Data Science consulting and business analytics solutions leverage the power of predictive analytics to derive real-time insights and reduce customer churn. We help our clients solve the toughest data challenges, predict demand for products and services to improve customer satisfaction and guide business strategies based on knowledge and foresight.Our Data Science service enables organizations to:

  • Develop customized statistical models and algorithms
  • Leverage advanced customer, operational and IoT analytics
  • Generate and deploy intelligent insights in near real time

Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (or AR) is all about a live view of a physical, real-world environment. The elements of reality are “augmented” by virtual computer-generated sensory input, also called as mediated reality. Reality is modified (possibly even redacted rather than augmented), by a computer using digital data & media. AR functions by improving one’s current perception of reality. When Augmented Reality technology is included in Android apps or Apple apps, it allows the overlaying meta-data on real live data.

NiiD offers services specializing in Mobile Applications development. Some popular client requests include:

We would like to invite you to explore NiiD’s rich history and project experience as well our business model, which will make it easy to understand how NiiD can work with your organization. We look forward to helping you reach new heights!

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